[pmwiki-users] Whole Site Unprotected - not asking for password when editing side bar etc.

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 16:33:24 CST 2009

> Ok - I think you've given me enough info to go back and figure this
> out - but I saw

>> Site.SideBar is locked with the site-wide edit password, if one is set.

> and interpreted that to mean since you set up a password, the sidebar is locked.

> Maybe that should read Site.SideBar **CAN** be locked with the
> site-wide password, if one is set.

no, it means that Site.SideBar is not locked as all the other pages
in the Site group, and therefor is editable like other pages.
So to protect it from editing you would need to set at least an edit
password on the page, or a sitewide edit password in config.php with

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = crypt('mysitewideeditpassword');

PmWiki differentiates between a number of passwords for different
actions. In particular $DefaultPasswords['admin'] does not restrict
page editing.


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