[pmwiki-users] pmwikidraw - several people have problems under linux. java issue?

Chris Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Tue Mar 3 09:13:52 CST 2009

Patrick Ogay (lists) wrote:
> I asked in a previous posting whether pmwikidraw is functional on the
> pmwiki site. It is.
> Everything was fine for me too, when I tested my implementation of
> pmwikidraw under Windows. 
> Until know *it doesn't work* on my systems with ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.
> A quest in #ubuntu.de showed me, that several people have the problem
> with pmwikidraw, and that the applet doesn't work "out of the box" with
> many linux Java installations. 
> In my case the drawing was marked in a red box (seems normal behaviour)
> but the edit window didn't come up.
> One person reported, that he had an error message when saving.
> It's a petty when the applet is not reliably usable under Linux,
> but I have no idea, where the problem could be, and how i could debug,

>From my own testing, you need Java 1.5 or earlier for sure.

But... right now, that pretty much means the death of
PmWikiDraw (unless the code can be fixed).

With that said, the drawing package TWikiDrawPlugin, although
more primitive in some ways, always seemed to work for me.

With that said, I'm moving on and looking at SVG using
inkscape (runs on Linux and Windows).  Now... MSIE is NO
fan of SVG... and Adobe has dropped support for their
SVG plugin... so still might have to write a convert backend
markup so that MSIE users can at least see the drawing... just
won't necessarily have the nice client side map/links.

I did like PmWikiDraw when it worked.... though it also
tends to frustrate even when it is working.

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