[pmwiki-users] Fixing the documentation

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jul 12 21:14:03 CDT 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009 18:42:28 Ed W wrote:
> Petko Yotov wrote:
> > On Sunday 12 July 2009 17:30:48 Ed W wrote:
> >> The reason this matters is that I am using a different on disk pattern
> >> for filenames, and so while the default wiki doesn't care about the
> >> different between [[PmWiki Philosophy]] and [[PmWikiPhilosphy]], my
> >> system does and at present the docs are significantly broken because of
> >> the inconsistent use of both
> > This way, the links in those groups should still work as they do in the
> > default installation, and all your other pages should be fine too.
> That's certainly an excellent suggestion whcih I will probably follow
> anyway!

Does it seem to work? We could probably help you write a custom LinkPage() 
function which applies the default $MakePageNamePatterns on selected 
WikiGroups, and some $CustomPageNamePatterns on all other pages.

> However, I think it's still worth persuing and fixing the original issue

If the original links work in the default installation, I don't see this as 
an "issue" that should be "fixed". :-)

I see the benefit of being able to use varied URL construction functions, for 
administrators who are aware that it may break existing links and who decide 
to deal with it because they want/need it, and it is worth it. :-)

I also consider a feature being able to write [[(Pm )wiki]], [[(Wiki )styles]] 
and [[(Wiki )trails]] when I link to PmWiki, WikiStyles or WikiTrails - it is 
easier than [[WikiTrails|trails]].

Lastly, even if we modify the links to work both for you and for the rest of 
us, tomorrow users will create new links that will be valid on all sites and 
broken on yours. :-)


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