[pmwiki-users] Server Upgrade Help

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Jul 8 07:58:43 CDT 2009

David Spitzley wrote:
> Is there any way to determine whether this configuration is being used via phpinfo or something similar?
I'm not sure -- nothing immediately stood out.

>> In the event that anyone else has this issue, the problem seems to be 
>> that the old server ran PHP under my username (as a FastCGI process) -- 
>> so any files that got created are owned by my used. The new server runs 
>> PHP as an Apache module, and so new files are created and owned by 
>> "nobody".
> the latter solution is widespread in low cost hosting as it is fast
> and simple to install. But I would never use it because it is unsecure
> in shared hosting.
> FastCGI/FCGI with suexec seems to be as fast as mod_php but harder to
> maintain. A good hosting provider should be able to do it correctly.
> For me, it's one of the the minimum requirements when I select a web
> hosting service.
Thanks for this information. In the end they moved me to yet another 
server, that does run PHP as a FastCGI process. I wasn't sure if that 
was inherently more sercure that running as an Apache module -- it 
sounded like it might be. Based on your info, I'll stay on the current 
server then -- thanks!

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