[pmwiki-users] Rating cookbooks

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jan 24 10:51:15 CST 2009

On Friday 23 January 2009 23:28:49 Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> So, ignore the 1..5 scale in SimpleRating, pretend it's just
> "+1".  Then the pages end up with a markup like:
>    !! Supporters
>    * [[~Pm]] +1
>      I support this recipe because it's well written and
>      the author bribed me to say this.
>    * [[~John]] +1
>      Great recipe.

Hi. I have this comparison with another online wiki community that uses and 
creates MediaWiki. They have often votes or polls on various decisions, and 
all arguments are weighted instead of just the vote count.

It is however Simpler than the SimpleRating implementation:

  * {support} Great recipe. [[~John]] January 2, 2009 at 16:31 pm
  * {oppose} Didn't work for me (PHP5 required). ~~~~
  * {strong support} I love love love love L.O.V.E. it!!! :-x ~~~~

  Comments made after version 20090124 :
  * {comment} Please note that it requires SQLite. ~~~~
  * {support} ~~~~
  * Simple comment: the previous user didn't argument his vote. ~~~~

1. The keyword in the braces is a markup transformed in small green check, or 
red "x" and it is visually easy to count or review them.

It does not need to be "support" and "oppose", can be "friend" or "endorse", 
or "use". It does not even need to be a keyword or in braces, a simple +1 
could be fine for our case.

2. After that, comes a short phrase to "why" the user voted so. (Optional but 
much appreciated.)

3. After that, the signature with a date. It allows to find out about which 
version the comments are made.

Overall, it should be easy for a recipe to count the number of "* {endorse}" 
or "* +1" that appear in the page.

(keeping brainstorming)

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