[pmwiki-users] Subfolders in "Uploads"? Esp. for Mini recipe

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Mon Dec 28 03:00:59 CST 2009

Hello everyone again,

(you can see from my activity that I'm trying to fix a few things these 

I was wondering if it is possible to organize uploads in the Uploads 
directory in subdirectories, without using multiple groups.

So, I'd like to use it like this:
uploads/Main/ - the "usual" uploads directory
uploads/Main/personal - contains personal pictures
uploads/Main/product1 - contains pictures of product 1
uploads/Main/product2 - contains pictures of product 2

First, I'd like to have this just to keep stuff organized.

Second, I'm displaying images with the Mini recipe - thanks Petko!! 
great stuff!! - and would greatly appreciate if there was a way to tell 
Mini to display all pictures of product 1 in one gallery, like


Is any of these two achievable?

(I tried to work around with the Mini code, but it's quite closely 
linked to the various Uploads variables so I failed... :-(

Thank you!


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