[pmwiki-users] group headers not working in login page???

dan mcmullen bang at bangzero.org
Mon Dec 28 00:21:42 CST 2009

Tegan has the idea i am going for here.  so, the styles in 
AllGroupHeader are mostly those which effect the color scheme for the 
site.  i have some custom markup that defines a site color set.  then 
all the site styles, both css and wikistyles, can use meaningful color 
names instead of hex.  and this provides a single point in an easily 
modified page where a webmaster can tweak the site colors.

the problem seems to be that the login, uploads and history pages do not 
use the normal page layout scheme.  so changing $GroupHeaderFmt does not 
seem to be effective, for css or wikistyles.  i will try Tegan's 
suggestion of putting styles in my skin's SiteHeader page.  but that 
seems awkward, and i think the SiteHeader page is normally processed 
after the main page content, so i'm uncertain if it would work for 
normal pages.

thanks for the thoughts everyone.  i'm guessing at this point that these 
'special' pages just can't be styled in the way i am hoping for.

enjoy! /dan

On 12/27/2009 4:14 PM, Tegan Dowling wrote:
> I like to set my sites up so that, as much as possible, things are
> do-able from within the wiki -- so that users (appropriately
> authorized/authenticated) can configure stuff without having access to
> the server, SO I respect your effort to configure global styles from
> within wiki pages that are globally displayed.
> How about putting your settings (or including something like a
> Site.GlobalStylesSettings page) in the site's header instead of its
> AllGroupHeader? I don't use the default PmWiki skin, so I'm not
> familiar with what elements have what actual names, but I mean the
> page that produces the part of the skin that contains the site's logo
> and main title.

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