[pmwiki-users] group headers not working in login page???

dan mcmullen bang at bangzero.org
Sat Dec 26 20:01:16 CST 2009

hello all!

i am using an AllGroupHeader page to define some global styles.  it 
seems that group headers are not normally in effect for some page 
actions - i.e. PageName?action=xxx.  for the search and edit actions i 
can put (:groupheader:) in the respective Site page and enable the 
global styles.  but this does not work in Site.AuthForm, so the global 
styles are missing on the login page.

anyone know of a way to make this work?  i could just disable the site 
header and sidebar for the login page, which hides the problem.  but it 
would be nicer to present the login page in the same format as the rest 
of the site.

tia! /dan

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