[pmwiki-users] make a span class around the Attach:test.jpg markup

Matthias Guenther [wikimatze] matthias.guenther at wikimatze.de
Mon Dec 14 23:12:14 CST 2009


I want to create some markup in order to put a span around the typical 
Attach markup. The syntax look like:


where the wikimarkup for attaching an image should still be execute and 
not display as a plain text. With the following markup I just create 
such plain text instead of exectuting pmwikis-markup. Here is expression:

 "'<:block>'.Keep(str_replace(array('&gt;', '&lt;', '&amp;'),
 array('>', '<', '&'), PSS('<span class=\"headline\">'.'$1'.'</span>')))");

Guess the cause is the <:block> but I don't know how to fix it.
Thanks for your response!

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