[pmwiki-users] pagelists and pagevariables

Joel Cropley ironwing at cox.net
Mon Aug 31 01:25:40 CDT 2009

Hi! I'm sorry if this is a simple question. It seems like it should be, 
but in nearly a week of searching the knowledge base, I haven't found my 
answer. Maybe it's there and I just don't see it. On to the question:

I want to use the pagelist markup to automatically generate lists of 
pages on the wiki, exactly like using the Title page variable and  
fmt=#title. However, I'd like to use more than just the Title page 
variable, say, adding one for serial numbers. It would seem that adding

$FmtPV['$serialnumber'] ='@$page["serialnumber"]';

to config.php aught to work, but with (:serialnumber 014:) in the page 
markup, even using {PageName$serialnumber}doesn't return a value. What 
am I missing? Once I get the pagevariable to report correctly, I was 
planning on using

(:template defaults order=serialnumber:)
* [[{=$serialnumber}|+]]

Would this work? FYI, I am no expert here, especially with PHP. I can 
probably insert some code into config.php or something, but truly 
understanding (let alone writing) it is above my ability. The two 
snippets of code above are co-opted from the existing Descriptions 
definition in pmwiki.php and from PmWiki.PageListTemplates, respectively.

Thanks in advance,

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