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Steve Glover steve.glover at ed.ac.uk
Mon Aug 24 03:20:16 CDT 2009

Hans wrote:
> Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 2:45:32 PM, Dan Bramall wrote:
>> 1.
> don't know.
>> 2. Could there be three levels of users:
>>         1. Administrators - can do everything on the site, including
>> creating the other user types:
>>         2. Editors - can edit/create page content but must be invited to do
>> so by the client setting up individual log-ins for them
>>         3. Users - can register on the site to edit/create content
> PmWiki has no user registration/mamagement module.
> The only recipe which allows users to self-register
> I am aware of (and if you configure it so) is
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/HtpasswdForm

The way I've set things up, we have a .htpasswd file containing 
UserNames and passwords, and then a .htgroups file which consists of 
group names (/not/ necessarily the same as PmWiki's groups, although 
there's no reason why they shouldn't be) and lists of users who are 
members of those groups (there don't seem to be problems with 
individuals being members of overlapping groups, but we may been just 
lucky so far). But this is done manually from the command line.

You can then use the GroupAttributes page for each group (in the PmWiki 
sense) to control access to pages in that group for each of your user 
groups - and if you need finer granularity, you can add permissions for 
individdual users as well.


> Is  'the client' the admin of the wiki, or do you have different
> 'clients' for different wiki groups, or what?
> With AuthUser it is usually the admin who either adds users/passwords to
> config.php, or to page  SiteAdmin.AuthUser.
> Using HtpasswdForm users/passwords can be added via a form to file
> .htpasswd, also usually done by the admin.
> There is no mechanism to break this into client groups I am aware of
> (i.e. no sub-admins)
>> I've looked at the AuthUser documentation of PMWiki, but it seems to suggest
>> that if you create a group, each user of that group just has the same
>> log-in, so if one person needs to be blocked, you have to block the whole
>> group and then send out different passwords etc - is that right?  That
>> wouldn't be good, what we need is the ability for all users to have
>> individual log-in details but to be able to assign them to a particular
>> level.
> No. If you include AuthUser you can assign username/password pairs,
> i.e. give users an Id and a password individually,
> then assign the Ids to usergroups as necessary.
>> 3. Could the different levels of users have their content displayed in
>> different colours?  E.g. Blue for administrators, red for editors and green
>> for users?  If so, how?
> In config.php add something like the following:
> if (CondAuth($pagename, 'admin'))
>     $HTMLStylesFmt['authbg'] = " #content {background:orange;} ";
> elseif (CondAuth($pagename, 'auth'))
>     $HTMLStylesFmt['authbg'] = " #content {background:pink;} ";
> elseif (CondAuth($pagename, 'edit'))
>     $HTMLStylesFmt['authbg'] = " #content {background:lightgreen;} ";
> Replace '#content' with whatever div or table id works best for th
> eskin you use (check the HTML source for ids).
> #wikitext might work for the standard skin.
> I left out the 'read' auth condition, as it is the standard.
> The others will inject a style into th epage HTML head.
> Use whatever css is suitable (I choosen 'background').
>   ~Hans
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