[pmwiki-users] Reducing PmWiki website mainteance

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 14:57:42 CDT 2009

2009/8/16 Simon <nzskiwi at gmail.com>:
> These is an ongoing background load of sandbox type changes to new pages in
> the Main group and at times to New groups.
> I'd like to see a discussion about, and to suggest, that,
> on PmWiki.org all Main pages (except sandbox), and new page creation, should
> be password protected (you know which one),
> and creation of new groups should similarly be password protected.

Agreed, though I think it might be enough to protect the creation of
new pages in the Main and PmWiki groups.

On a similar note, what's with the "Christian" group of pages? It
looks like a collection of password-protected personal notes in
Swedish, which I find a bit odd...



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