[pmwiki-users] dangerous links on edit window (triad?)

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sun Aug 2 03:30:25 CDT 2009

Hello :-)
This is not a new problem (may be not a problem at all :-), but it hit
me recently, so I report...

I use and like a lot the triad skin. I don't know if the situation is
the same for the default skin.

When editing a page, so in the edit window, there is still the usuall
link list/icons at the bottom of the page (EDIT, HISTORY...).

It's very easy to clic on "EDIT" in place of "SAVE", and then the all
text is lost!

May be this is specially a problem in french because the french word
for SAVE is ENREGISTRER and is pretty similar to EDITER

I didn't find any way to recover the lost text (back browser button
have no effect)

This link line don't seems to have any use in the edit winwows, so why
keep it?


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