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stacy at projectexperts.com stacy at projectexperts.com
Thu Apr 30 17:33:55 CDT 2009


I have a new glitch in an infrequently-used PMWiki site. It began with a
March 2008 build (as far as I can tell), and continues with 2.2.1.


Whenever I edit a page that has an apostrophe mark, either because of
bolding or because of a standalone apostrophe, it doubles it when it saves.
If I do this 10 times, it doubles the number of apostrophes 10 times.


I am using FixFlowSkin, and have also downloaded the current version of that
skin. I also copied to a different site, with the same results.


I have gone through the last 4 months' archives, but did not see anything
about this. 


Does anyone have any suggestions?



Stacy Goff


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