[pmwiki-users] ptv - showhide interference

kjettil kjettil at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 26 02:41:27 CDT 2008

I've noticed an interference between the ShowHide Cookbook script and 
the PTV commands, when you have PTV definitions, the show PTVs command 
and the ShowHide command on the same page:

1 - On the page I define a set of PTVs and make them visible with


2 - On the same page I use the ShowHide to hide or show a photo

(:showhide div=box1 init=hide lshow='Show picture' lhide='Hide picture':)
Attach:my_photo.jpg|Some text
Some other text

3 - The result is that above the listing of the PTVs' contents you find 

my_photo.jpg|Some text

independently of whether the picture is shown or hidden.

4 - If I have only text in the box, or if the PTVs are defined on a 
another page, then it works OK.

Is there a remedy?


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