[pmwiki-users] examples in cookbook / sample-sites

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Sat Sep 20 01:08:38 CDT 2008

just some other thought's

the cookbook is rich of good recipes, not only some of them I use in my 
personal wiki (I use pmwiki on my home site and notebook for nearly all 
- except e.q. image processing or cooking :-) - to be serious, I'll try 
to use pmwiki to store all information I've to, in combination with 
Firefox- and Thunderbird-Extensions (like scrapbook and lightning).

At the work were running pmwiki to do the same - only more and other 
information (IT infrastructure, problem management, system documentation 

All this pmwiki-site are rather modified compared to a plain pmwiki: 
template pages for forms and new pages, structure of the menues, doccs 
to run the wiki etc.

I could be interesting for others to have a look on such a customized 
(sample) pmwiki. E.g. I just started to use fox and I think t would be 
helpful to have a sample site running the features described in a 
Cookbook-recipe (like the Fox-Contact-Sample-Site).
I know there are some sample-sites already referenced, but I haven't 
found this e.g. on one page in pmwiki (as an index).

So maybe it would interesting
first - to gather all existing sample sites (in addition to prodctive 
sites on success stories) to demonstrate one or more cookbook-recipe or 
an idea (like on success stories) which is realized with pmwiki on one 
pmwiki page (cookbook ?)
second - collect some more if somebody would have time to set up a 
sample pmwiki (I mean not on pmwiki.com) of his own solution or just 
collect ideas (lines of text, must not be a real wiki) of what could be 
implemented with pmwiki (a image gallery wiki, a blog, a template 
personal homepage)

so, is there something already implemented like this ?
I've found SucessStories but nothing I've been looking for when I enterd 
"sample sites" or "ideas".
Or is it just a silly idea of me ?

The question is how a sample wiki can be made safe and nevertheless 
functionable (like a sandbox, but for the whole wiki, e.g. with daily 
cleanup, page-change-verification etc) so that everybody could set up a 
sample wiki on his own site. (could be also a short doc on that 

A thought worth being discussed ?


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