[pmwiki-users] Using Foxedit in a table

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 04:14:05 CDT 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 8:24:23 AM, Graham Archer wrote:

>  My challenge is that although I can get foxedit to work in the
> example form, I can't get foxedit to work with the table rows with the row number removed.

Graham, I have no time to work through your particular problem, but I
can perhaps outline a general idea to do foxedits on table rows.

1. displaying or not displaying  a row number should not be that
important, but a rownumber needs to be generated to provide an ID for
various PTVs used in the table cells. Each PTV gets a rownumber
suffix, thereby making it unique in the page. we need to avoid same
PTV names in table rows.

2. the foxedit form should have input fields targeting these PTVs,
for instance (:input text name=$:surname{$EditSection} :)
to edit for instance a PTV in row 3 named 'surname3'.
Foxedit derives variable '{$EditSection}' from the section parameter,
i.e. the foxedit link markup {[foxedit section={$$number} form=....]}
(see also Mark's example on
Make sure you use n edit form customised for PTV editing.

Hope this gives you some ideas!
You could also post  a comment on the Fox-Commnets page to ask Mark
directly what his foxedit form is like.


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