[pmwiki-users] chat

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Mon Sep 15 17:03:44 CDT 2008

> I've seen a PHPfree chat recipe, ZAP and the shoutbox option.

As far as my own experience goes, phpFreeChat is a very good choice.
It is actively developed, well tested, runs on flat files, and is easy
to set up.
I couldn't manage to let the PHPFreeChat integration recipe work for
me (maybe my fault) but I guess that any work to refine, enhance,
strenghten that particular recipe would be useful. True, it wouldn't
be 100% pmwiki. But once the integration is well done, sessions and
key variables are smoothly exchanged between phpFreeChat and pmwiki,
the end result would be simple to manage, well working, and useful.


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