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Thanks for the response.  Its funny, I have seen that page before, but I
guess I read it differently.
I believe this will fix my issue.  If not, I'll repost.


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Hi Chris

Does this page


 help you?



Swift, Chris wrote: 

	Dear all,
	So, this might be a basic question, but I believe something that
is worth exploring.
	I have recently signed up with Bluehost.com and have only
noticed one issue.  One of my wikisites that I'm in the process of
creating will be used mainly by people in Europe.  So, I would like the
PMWiki site to also display the time and date according to GMT +1.  The
example would be when you type ~~~~ and it displays your author name,
time and date.  I would like these to show up as GMT +1 although the
server is based on US Mtn. time.
	Any clues on how to accomplish this?
	I've already contacted Bluehost, but they told me that they
can't change their servers (with good reason, because that would affect
all other websites).

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