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Swift, Chris Chris.Swift at eu.dodea.edu
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Dear all,
Ok, to make things more complicated.  I ran some tests of the curse words and I found out the following.  Certain words are indeed blocked and others are not.
For example, the word "porn" is blocked with full success.  But then the work "f...k" is not block (spelled in completion, however I changed it to avoid having my e-mail blocked) is not blocked.  As you saw, I'm using the Chongqed, Moinmaster and PMWiki blocklists.
Any suggestions are happily welcomed.


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Dear all,
I have enabled blocklist both from the Chonqed website and from PMWiki.  However, I've found that I can still post curse words on my wiki, which is of course not the point!
This is what I have in my local config:
##To automatically retrieve the SiteAdmin.Blocklist? page used at pmwiki.org, add the following setting in local/config.php: 

$BlocklistDownload['SiteAdmin.Blocklist-PmWiki'] = array('format' => 'pmwiki');

## If you're running a publicly available site and allow anyone to

## edit without requiring a password, you probably want to put some

## blocklists in place to avoid wikispam. See PmWiki.Blocklist.

$EnableBlocklist = 1; # enable manual blocklists

$EnableBlocklist = 10; # enable automatic blocklists

Additionally, I have both the PMWiki and Chonqed sites show up in my wiki, so its there, so to speak.  Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong here?



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