[pmwiki-users] cookbook development - how to use xlpage in a cookbook

Szőke Sándor alexware at szokesandor.hu
Fri Nov 28 10:43:48 CST 2008

Dear List,

I trying to use pmwiki since a few weeks. It is a quite good engine.
I use as a cms (for my personal homepage)

I have just ported my favorite picture gallery addon (the xsgal image
gallery from xoops v1.2) to a pmwiki cookbook.

I have one xsgallery.php in my cookbook subdir, producing the gallery
page and serving the pictures too (and some supporting files in pub).

My quiestion is:
How to change my .php file, so the produced outup can be translated via

I place the (:xsGallery:) markup on a page, that calls my cookbook.
The page is produced by returning the page in a text variable, via the
markup call.

If I put $[sometext] in this variable, I got the same thing appearing on
the page. How to override this?


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