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Sofia M sofiam at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 22:50:06 CST 2008

I'm not sure if this is frowned upon in this usergroup, but I'm at my wits'
end setting up what seems to be a simple set-up.  I need to get it going,
and I get stuck at every little step..
Can I ask for a (paid) private consult from someone who can help me set
PMWiki in the following way (as well as answer some questions about page
structure, usernames, authentication, etc...)  I'd prefer a 'voice' and
'email' consultation, meaning skype or gmail voice chat - those are much
faster and more effective than email alone

all 'public' pages are read-only, there's no 'edit-search-history' bar
visible - noone can tell that this is a wiki and not a normal html page.
under the menu bar on left-hand side, there's a 'login' link
once there, user is prompted for username/password, and once he's logged in,
he sees the 'edit-search-history' options

Again, if this goes against the list-group rules, I appologize, it's just
that I knew nothing about PMWiki (or any other Wiki) when I was asked to set
this up, and it's already taking me waay too long with virtually no results.
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