[pmwiki-users] authuser vs. passwords

Swift, Chris Chris.Swift at eu.dodea.edu
Sun Nov 9 07:46:33 CST 2008

Dear all,
There has been something interesting that popped up in the past few days  related to AuthUser that I wanted to ask to our community.
Basically, I have enabled AuthUser on my site and things are running smoothly for people to sign in.  Then, if people want to place a password on a page or group via either group.attributes or just page.attributes I have no problems in creating the passwords.  HOWEVER, the problem is that whenever someone wants to go onto that page that is protected by a password, then they are directed to the AuthUser signup (meaning username + password).  This should not be the case.  The people should only have to type in a password, because they have already signed into the wiki and therefore should have already been authenticated.
Anyone have any ideas how to make the PMWiki site have them authenticated via AuthUser, but then only make them type in a password to be access password protected pages/groups within the site?

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