[pmwiki-users] wikiform - making a field required if a previous option is selected

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 6 20:07:51 CST 2008

*edit* title changed! apologies!

hello i've been asked if it is possible using wikiforms to direct a user to fill in a second field depending on their answer to a first field. for example question one - :Callout Required:reqcallout Is callout required overnight (*Yes;No) is then followed by  question two -  :Callout Details:callout Who is oncall for this server (text=3*50) i could use the required element as in  :Callout Details:callout Who is oncall for this server ("Required"=50) but this is not dependant on the user selecting 'no' on the first question. i could just lose question 1 and make question 2 more vague like 'if callout is required pls state..' but was hoping there might be another way possible? thanks david r.
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