[pmwiki-users] Markup on more than one line

Nicolas Poulain nico.poulain at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 11:44:36 CST 2008


With mimetex and a set of markups, I have a (almost) LaTeX-compliant
syntax on my site.

If I write in one single line :
$2x+3=5$ if and only if $x=1$
I get what i expect : mimetex.php converts the two strings between the
"$" in an image using the markup :
Markup('$', 'directives', '/\\$(.*?)\\$/e', "Keep(Mimetex(PSS('$1')))");

But sometimes formulas are not as simple and LaTeX formulas woud be more
readable if they could be written on a couple of lines.
Like this :
2x+3 = 5
I don't know how to write a markup to do this job.

Thanks for your help.

Nicolas Poulain
nicolas at poulain.name

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