[pmwiki-users] concerning autorestore...an idea

Swift, Chris Chris.Swift at eu.dodea.edu
Tue Nov 4 03:40:44 CST 2008

Dear all,
I'm probably making things too complicated, but I really like the
autorestore function.  So much so, that I would like other pages to
autorestore, but at different time intervals from another or a longer
How can I get one page or group to autorestore at a different time
interval?  So, for example, I would have my wikisandbox page autorestore
every 10 minutes, but my Main group autorestore every 2 minutes and my
page on Example/Test autorestore every 15 secs? 
So, this is what I propose to do (after looking at the coding in
Autorestore.php) and I'm curious if someone has a different idea, which
would also probably be a lot more efficient.
Anyway, if I want different autorestorations, then what I could do is
download the autorestore.php file.  I could save it as autorestore,
autorestore1 and autorestore2.  Then, I go into their files and change
the markup in each of these additional autorestore.php files from 

$AutoRestoreDir = new PageStore('wikirev.d/$FullName'); to lets say 

$AutoRestoreDir = new PageStore('wikirev1.d/$FullName');

$AutoRestoreDir = new PageStore('wikirev.d2/$FullName');

In this way, I have 3 different autorestore possibilities.  Of course I
would add into my config.php file
include_once('cookbook/autorestore.php'); and
include_once('cookbook/autorestore1.php'); and

As you have noted from all of my previous messages, I'm not the best PHP
programmer out there, but I am working on it...  ;-)


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