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Mon Nov 3 12:05:21 CST 2008

"David Spitzley" <dspitzle at wash.k12.mi.us> writes:

> I've got a couple of blog-style PmWiki installations set up that use the BlogSimple2 recipe; you can check out one at http://www.davidaspitzley.org/PotatoPatch.  I like it because it uses relatively straightforward and flexible structures like pagelists for most of the functionality, and it also folds in the CommentBoxPlus recipe as part of the package.  I know there are people who are looking for calendars and so forth as part of their blogging solution, but for my purposes BlogSimple2 works fine.
> David 

Thanks for the link. Your blog has a very clean design and is easy to
navigate. I'll have to check out the BlogSimple2 recipe again. 

Have you tried out the ListCategories recipe?


I've found it a very nice way to display a category cloud and a
category list.


For those of you who are interested, I also discovered this how to
post on blogging with PmWiki:


- Matt

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