[pmwiki-users] gmane pmwiki user archive not showing my emails

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu Jan 31 14:17:07 CST 2008

Hans said...
> I was alerted that the gmane PmWiki user-list archive does not show my
> emails to the user list. Neil from this list did some fantastic
> detective work and found that the emails are classed as spam, because
> they do not contain a SPF record. Then gmane cross posts the mail to
> the gmane.spam.detected list, which has the effect that the mail is not
> shown in the web version of the pmwiki user list.
> This is all very disconcerting, as the gmane archive is great for
> searching the list, and as i have no control about adding a SPF record
> to the mailserver my hosting provider uses.
> Clearly, as Neil told me, a missing SPF record should never contribute
> for an email to be classed as spam. But gmane's spam assasin or other
> filter is doing just that.
> Has anyone any experience or ideas about this problem?
> And thank you Neil for your investigation!
>   ~Hans   

I mentioned this the other day. But you're still showing being posted to 
gmane.spam.detected, Hans :-o And yes, gmame's filter is pretty stupid 
in this case. I've tried sorting a couple of admin things with them and 
they have always been less than helpful unfortunately. I hope you have 
better luck.


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