[pmwiki-users] New Recipe: WikiSh

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu Jan 31 00:19:04 CST 2008

I've just put a very-alpha recipe out there called WikiSh.  It's working in
the test cases I've thrown at it, but no doubt there is significant testing
remaining -- please let me know when you run into problems with it.

It was started at the same time as Text Extract, but with a different
purpose and direction in implementation.  However, initial code and etc. all
come from Hans...

The problem below (returning lines from one text pattern to another) would
be handled in this manner:

{(sed -n '/TextPatternA/,/TextPatternB/p' file)}

You can also specify other commands to the sed command using multiple
applications of the -e option as follows:

{(sed -n -e '1,2p' -e '/TextPatternA/,/TextPatternB/p' -e
's/searchfor/replace/g' file)}

(This would return the first 2 lines and the lines between TextPatternA and
TextPatternB (inclusive) and also do a search/replace.)

The other commands contained within WikiSh include wc (-w=wordcount which
also does -l=linecount and -c=charcount), head (returns the top -n=n lines
from a file), tail (same for the end of the file), cat (returns all lines),

This is a beginning - lots more to go, but I thought since it answered this
specific need here it might be appropriate to put it out there...


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> Hi Hans,
> the problem with a nice recipe is sometimes the Customers get a bit
> greedy - please tell me if I am doing this in this instance.....
> I was wondering if your recipe could be extended to:
>   extract from #TextPatternA# to "TextPatternB"
> Reason:   I use (:include pagename #from#to:) at the moment to bring
> content from another page. Problem with this is
> the RSS for the host page doesn't trigger even thou the included page
> has changed since the host hasn't been re-written.
> A nice feature with your recipe is that it writes to the page  and
> causes the RSS event.  So if the extract could go
> #from #to it would be a nice feature!
> Thanks
> Graham
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