[pmwiki-users] Bug in (:title:) markup?

Charles Little charles.little at corp.ivs.cc
Sat Jan 26 06:43:47 CST 2008

> > That could cause problems to existing sites, and doesn't 
> correct anything, merely covers it up.  This doesn't seem 
> like a bug as much as a design flaw.. Perhaps something needs 
> to be added to the tag to allow the person doing the markup 
> to specify that this particular instance is an override.
> > 
> First, Pm never changes anything that affects the behaviour 
> of existing sites without consulting this group; he does not 
> change simply for change's sake. Even if it's unanimous that 
> the new way is better, he always puts in a flag so you can 
> still have the old behaviour. Just one of the many little 
> things that makes PmWiki such a nice program for real world users.

Whoah... I never said he *would* change anything without resorting to this
group or make a change simply for change's sake.  I just said rather than
being considered a 'bug' as such, which it seems most people would consider
it, it should be considered a design flaw rather than something that would
just be fixed, as it seemed that most people were considering it.  And as
far as ho to correct it, it seemed that the way that I've seen that the code
operates, i.e. from top down through the script, an addition to the tag
rather than to change it so that this one instance operates in a different
way than the whole engine would be a better fix.

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