[pmwiki-users] Editing by authors only - newbie question

Steven Benmosh wordz2u at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 14:26:15 CST 2008

Hello fellow pmwiki users,

Here is an issue I am grappling with:

1. I want users to be able to add new pages to the wiki. However, they
should NOT be able to add new groups. This way I can control the structure
of the wiki, but allow expansion of the current groups by users.

2. I need each user adding a page to register, because I want to limit
editing to the page author only, so I guess I need to force authors to
register and give a password. I guess I should also enable the assignment of
authors to pages.

3. I would like to limit page editing to the author only.

Actually, I would not mind having part of the page which is only editable by
the author, and another part that is world editable, but I guess this is
asking too much...

3. I would like a 'verification' setting on the page, if possible, so users
can see which pages can be trusted, and which they can use at their own
risk. Once I verify a page, it should not be editable by users any more. I
guess this can be done by an admin editing the page with an admin password.

I have read the userauth page and the cookbook page, but as a new user I am
not sure which of them to use, and where the snippets of code actually go...



Could you please advise?



A word of explanation: my wiki shows gps points, but routes and
trails/tracks that people can download and view on google eargh or google
maps. I want users to be able to add their own points, but at the same time
show them that some pages are verified (i.e.  the route was traveled and is
accurate), while others are not. I would also like to lock in for editing
parts (like a gps bus route, or point of interest), but let users add a
description of the area, etc.

Check out my web site - www.words2u.net
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