[pmwiki-users] Clarification on table editing question

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Jan 24 10:25:47 CST 2008

Gabriel Beal wrote:
> After I wrote the previous question I realized that I wasn't stating my 
> problem correctly.  The problem is caused by having a column that is a 
> continuation of another column, like this:
> ||Names|| || Numbers|| ||More Names|| || More Numbers||
> ||Names|| || Numbers|| ||More Names|| || More Numbers||
> ||Names|| || Numbers|| ||More Names|| || More Numbers||
> ||Names|| || Numbers|| ||More Names|| || More Numbers||
> I want to be able to insert a name and phone number into the 3rd and 4th 
> columns.  I know I could solve it by having just 2 really long columns, 
> but I was wondering if there is any solution using this set up.  It was 
> also suggested to me to maintain a separate plain text list and use a 
> perl script to wikify it.  I could go with that but ideally the list 
> would be editable by the non-technical people who are also using it.
> thanks,
> Gabriel

Some ideas. Not exactly what you're looking for, but may solve the problem.

1. Use three pages: one main and two sub-pages. Create a main page with 
two columns. In each column, (:include :) a sub-page. Each subpage would 
be half the alphabet in a single column. Include links to edit the 
sub-pages. It wouldn't divide the list exactly in half, but it's a start.

2. If the concern is usability rather than length of the page, create 
several anchors. At the top of the page put an index:
*[[PageName#AL|A to L]]
*[[PageName#AL|A to L]]

!!![[#AL]]Names A through L
|| the table ||  ||

!!![[#MZ]]Names M through Z
|| the table ||  ||

You can subdivide it as fine as you like.



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