[pmwiki-users] markup expression output handling

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Jan 23 10:19:17 CST 2008

What is the difference between output handling of a markup expression,
case A: The expression is written in the page content,
case B: The expression gets evaluated as part of a post submission?

Simplified example:

$MarkupExpr['tagtest'] = 'TagTest()';
function TagTest() {
        return "<b>Hello</b>";;

case A:
{(tagtest)} appears as a bold 'Hello'

case B:
{$$(tagtest)} posted from a template is written as <b>Hello</b>

I use a fox form

(:fox form2 target={*$FullName}:)
(:foxtemplate "{$$(tagtest)}":)
(:input submit post Enter:)
(:foxend form2:)

and when Fox replaces template variables the markup expression gets
evaluated by calling the MarkupExpression function.

Why is the <b> tag interpreted as bold in case A?


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