[pmwiki-users] Wrong summary in Fox form?

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Tue Jan 22 03:14:15 CST 2008

Hello Fox recipe users,

The only thing worse than no information is wrong information. So you  
can imagine how upset Jane Doe will be when she posts a news item but  
the email notification that goes out tells people that she "corrected  
a typo" instead of showing everyone the form's automatic summary of  
"urgent bulletin"!

I've encountered such a bug with Summary handling when I use Fox  
forms. It would help me if others who use Fox could test whether their  
systems are handling Summary correctly. I've provided one form to do  
such a test below.

Before you run the test, use PmWiki to manually edit the target page  
and just enter "no change made" as the Summary. Now do an edit via the  
Fox form.

The result for me is that the Summary in the page history becomes  
blank, the value of $LastModifiedSummary remains "no change made", and  
the Summary in All Recent Changes becomes "urgent bulletin", the  
correct value.

Here is my first form (I have it located in MyGroup.GroupFooter).

(:title {*$FullName}:)
 >>frame bgcolor=lightblue<<
%center% [+**Add an urgent bulletin to {*$FullName}**+]
(:fox cbox put=bottom template=Edit.CommentTemplate target={* 
$FullName} author="{$Author}" redir=1:)
(:input hidden csum 'urgent bulletin':)
|| %headline%Subject:||(:input text heading size=60:) ||
|| ||(:guibuttons:) ||
|| Body:||(:input textarea id=text comment cols=60 rows=6:) || || || 
(:input submit post Enter:) ||
(:foxend cbox:)

Here is Edit.CommentTemplate, which the form uses:

%headline% {$$heading}...
%rfloat% (:if ( eq {*$Name} {$Author} ) || ( author {$$author} ) :) 
->[- - [[~{$$author}]] &nbsp; {$$(date D Y-m-d H:i T)}-]

Please let me know what summary value you get for the page history's  
summary and for {YourPage$LastModifiedSummary}.



P.S. I've tried the test with three different Fox forms, always  
getting the same result:

Form 1: Add a comment to page using a fox form where logged action is  
"Foxpost" (the form in this email)
Form 2: Add comment via a different form where logged actions are  
"Foxedit" followed by "Foxpost"
Form 3: Edit section "UrgentSection" of the page using a form whose  
logged actions are "Foxedit" followed by "Foxpost"

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