[pmwiki-users] How to include last lines?

bialy663 bialy663+gmane at g.pl
Mon Jan 21 11:49:44 CST 2008

Peter & Melodye Bowers wrote:
>>From: bialy663 <bialy663+gmane at g.pl> 
>>How do I include last 5 lines of specified page? I've modified 
>>$RecentChangesFmt to show updates in table '|| $CurrentTime
>>||[=$ChangeSummary=] || [[{$Group}.{$Name}|{$Namespaced}]]||
>>$AuthorLink||' and it's annoying that the newer changes are added at the 
>>end of page (before changes were added at the beginning of page). Other
>>solution: How should I force pmwiki to add new changes above the older 
>>once? Thanks
> This is a classic example of the (:tail …:) markup I mentioned in the 
> quickly-becoming-reality-due-to-Hans’s-vigilance “shelltools” cookbook.
> In actual shell script it would be “tail –n 5 filename” to get the last 
> 5 lines of the filename.  Presumably in pmwiki-ese it would be something 
> like (:tail n=5 filename/pattern …:)
> -Peter

It's good idea when server is Linux based. When the server is standing 
on Windows this cookbook won't work.

BTW. I added in Site.AllRecentChanges an empty line at begin of page and 
now news are added at the top :)

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