[pmwiki-users] Converting From V1 to V2

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Jan 21 09:11:40 CST 2008

Risner, Travis (Dublin) wrote:
> Hi,
>  > I was handed a V1 pmwiki and recently converted it to V2.  Since I'm new 
> to pmwiki, I fumbled around a bit, but got it working.  Since the 
> documentation asked for notes on what went wrong, here is what I ran into:

I can't help with the compat1x.php, _ThisWiki_ syntax and the ampersand; 
I joined during V1.

> Maybe I am just missing it, but I don't see an edit button for applying 
> H1 markup (!) in the row of buttons above the edit area.  Since we are 
> repurposing the wiki and most of the new users are completely naive 
> about wiki markup, I would like to have  a button for this as well.  Is 
> there something I can put in the config.php to add this?

The H1 markup is purposefully left off. According to the standards, (W3 
or some other group that should know), there should only be one H1 on a 
page. The skins (should) use H1 for the page title. If you want a 
different title than the file name gives, use (:title MyTitle:).


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