[pmwiki-users] [Help] How to edit page by using Fox?

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 08:32:03 CST 2008

to update the (:title ...:) directive with a fox edit form:
This is a little tricky as it is unfortunately not defined as a PTV.
One could define it as such perhaps.

Or, perhaps simpler, try changing the custom edit form a bit:

change the (:fox ..:) markup to this (on one line):

(:fox editform target={$EditTarget} ptvtarget={$EditTarget}
 foxaction=replace put=string redirect=1 :)

add these to the form:

(:foxtemplate "{$$newtitle}":)
(:input hidden mark {*$Title}:)
|| Title:||(:input text newtitle {*$Title}:) ||

This will make the form not only update the PTVs, but replace the
string identified as {*$Title} with a new value.
Just make sure that your title directive is near or at the top of the
page, so the replacement will happen inside the title directive.


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