[pmwiki-users] Are Fox forms incompatible with PmWiki's email notification system?

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Mon Jan 21 05:21:14 CST 2008

Hi Hans,

Yes. Here is the form I used to leave the comment:

(:title {*$FullName}:)

 >>frame bgcolor=lightblue<<
%center% [+**Add a new comment to {*$FullName}**+]

%center% (Omit subject if same as previous comment)

(:fox cbox put=bottom template=Edit.CommentTemplate target={* 
$FullName} author="{$Author}"  redir=1:)
(:input hidden csum 'comment added':)
|| %headline%Subject:||(:input text heading size=60:) ||
|| ||(:guibuttons:) ||
|| Body:||(:input textarea id=text comment cols=60 rows=6:) ||
|| ||(:input submit post Enter:) ||
(:foxend cbox:)


On Jan 21, 2008, at 5:13 AM, Hans wrote:

> Monday, January 21, 2008, 10:52:12 AM, Randy wrote:
>> Another problem that may be related: the summary I previously created
>> when directly editing the page appears instead of "comment added" as
>> the email notification's summary for the comment. Apparently the
>> page's summary is not getting updated when the comment is left.
> do you use in the form
> (:input hidden csum 'comment added':) ?
> This is the only way I know of adding a 'change summary', via the csum
> field.
>  ~Hans

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