[pmwiki-users] How to insert at an anchor with FoxEdit's behavior

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Jan 17 19:44:20 CST 2008


I tried what you suggested. I created a form I called  
Edit.AddBrainstormForm, using the add comment form markup:

(:fox commentform foxaction=add target={$EditTarget}{$EditSection}  
redirect=1 :)

In my sandbox page, I put:

{[foxedit Edit.AddBrainstormForm]}
(:foxprepend commentform:)

When I clicked on the link I got the EditMessageForm instead of the  
AddBrainstormForm. (That is, I got the form that my config.php  
specifies for $FoxEditPTVSectionForm.)

I commented out the line setting $FoxEditPTVSectionForm in config.php  
and tried again. Then the page just seems to refresh. It's as if the  
page wants to use Edit.EditMessageForm no matter what I specify, and  
if it can't find it, gives up.

I also tried the second example you suggested based on FoxCommentBox  
and got the same wrong form.


On Jan 17, 2008, at 6:09 AM, Hans wrote:

> Thursday, January 17, 2008, 5:44:17 AM, Randy wrote:
>> I want a page that has a link. When the user clicks the link, a form
>> to insert a comment appears in place of the page. When the form is
>> submitted, the user is returned to the original page - where the
>> comment now exists.
> Try this:
> Create a new edit form called for instance FoxTemplates.AddCommentForm

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