[pmwiki-users] printing and css

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Jan 17 14:04:39 CST 2008

posti at taavi.org wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to print my wiki pages using literary paragraphs without the
> emptyline between them and an intend in the beginning of the first line.
> I get the intend  but can't get rid of the empty line.
> My print.css has this:
> p
> {
> margin-top:0;
> text-indent: 1.2em;
> }
> Is there away to do this? I can do it with @media print markup in the css
> file. But as I like to copy my texts to txt files from the print view and
> for example do pdf's from them this does not satisfy me.
> Thanks,
> Taavi

Is it inheriting margins, borders or padding from another level? I like 
FireFox's WebDeveloper extension for this sort of thing, but I'm sure 
there are other tools out there.


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