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Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Thu Jan 17 14:04:34 CST 2008

Hi Peter !

I recenty experimented a bit with pmform too (and also had some 
questions here, but none was ever answered).
Finally I could set up a working test-sample I'll describe here:

I wanted to set up a form which will be used for each Page called 

I defined some forms (AForm, BForm etc) within local/test.php for some 
tests (incl errors etc). AForm is the one that runs without any errors 
the other one shold all produce error messages.

I changed PmForm a bit (mainly for error-handling and debugging infos) 
for my own analysis, but the sample AForm should run with the original 
one. If you want to use the changed one, you have to include the 
debug-php-script as well. It's not ready to run, because I fetched all 
components form different directories (debug is placed in a phplib-dir 
on my site)

Second I defined in the page Test.GroupHeader to use the pmform every 
time a page called Test.PmForm-* is called.

Third: in Site.Localtemplates I defined the forms itself (AForm and 
APost are the one which are ok) In the templates you can even specify 
(hidden) default fields and text as pure PTV-markup which will be stored 
in a new page (not in existing ones)

Then I call a new page Test.PmForm-AForm-01 an get an empty Form, fill 
in the field values and press submit.
The entered field-data are stored (with the additional Fields) in the 
new created Page Test.PmForm-AForm-01.
Currently I use the form to display the page content as well.

So far all is ok, but it took a lot of time to get it running.

I had a look in the maillist lataly and found that Hans had done some 
improvement of foxform which should be able to replace existing 
ptv-values on pages (like pmform also does), so I might have a look on 
Hans' fox-components as well before I decide which form-module I'll use. 

You can test the pmform setup with the files I zipped and attached to 
this mail.

When all is up and running I'll ask Pm, if it could be uploaded with 
pages and page-specific php to pmwiki, so we'll have an running example


Peter & Melodye Bowers schrieb:
> Is there somewhere besides Cookbook/pmform and  pmform/PmForm where I could
> look for documentation or (more importantly) examples on pmforms?
> The examples I find in pmform/pmform don't seem to be working for me - is
> there some sort of ?action= I need to append or some other setup?  Or
> perhaps I need to authorize somehow before the (:pmform .:) works?
> Sorry - I'm probably being slow here.  I just learn best from examples and
> I'm not seeing how these are working.  
> (The client example is what I'd like to see in action.  I feel like I should
> be able to go to http://www.pmwiki.org/pmform/PmForm/ClientForm and see a
> form which then saves some data somewhere.  I get that far and see a blank
> page or can action=edit or action=source the clientpm and clientjoespizza
> and etc to see the data, but I don't see any place where the data is being
> used.)
> Can anybody tell me how to get these working or else where I can go to see
> some other similar examples in operation?
> -Peter
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