[pmwiki-users] List Categories

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Jan 10 19:11:57 CST 2008

Simon wrote:
> You can't.
> See http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Category/Category
> and vote for http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS/00447
> On 11/01/2008, Jorge Efrain Mamani C. <efranet.bo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How I can list all the existing categories. Only I see to list the pages
>> that connect to a category. Thanks

Sometimes you can.

The easiest way assumes you already set the line in config.php to create 
a Category/ page whenever a category is added.

<from sample-config.php>
##  By default, pages in the Category group are manually created.
##  Uncomment the following line to have blank category pages
##  automatically created whenever a link to a non-existent
##  category page is saved.  (The page is created only if
##  the author has edit permissions to the Category group.)
# $AutoCreate['/^Category\\./'] = array('ctime' => $Now);

Then you add
(:pagelist group=Category :) to any page.

If you didn't set it up like that, searching for  [[!  will give you a 
list of all pages which are in any category. I'm pretty sure that as 
each page is edited and re-saved, the program will look through that 
entire page and create category pages. Best done while the wiki is still 

I thought the following would do what you want, but it didn't.
(:pagelist link=Category.* :)
Anyone have ideas why that wouldn't work?

I think this would be a useful feature, especially for asmins that add 
features in bits and pieces.

I see the point about pages that link to a Category/Subject page not 
necessarily belonging to the category; not a priority for me at the 
moment, but worth thinking about if anyone's playing in that section of 
the code.


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