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Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Thu Jan 10 10:16:33 CST 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 6:57:25 PM, Sameer Kumar wrote:


> What I am therefore aiming for is only one page that would have a part

> of it editable using a form which would also contain non-form based

> text.


Using Fox and FoxEdit you could insert an foxedit link, which targets

the part of your page you like to be editable. Depending on the

structure of this part (is it an anchor delimited section, is it several

PTVs?) you could use  a standard or custom made form for editing this

part. The other part of the page would not be touched by the editing.


That is more-or-less what I had in mind when I finally decided to take a
plunge into the world of Fox!

I still have to learn more about it to exploit it to my ends. I will be
asking a lot of questions in the next few



> There are a number of problems caused due to this setup. The most

> important one is dealing with Pagelists and searchlists. There are

> others with intra-wiki links etc.


Can you be more specific? If this text content is included in several

project pages it seems to make sense to include it with (:include

..:) markup or via the GroupFooter. Perhaps it is enough to change

your approach from Groupfooter to (:include ...:) ?





Hans, if you don't mind, you can check out my wiki and look at the group


userid: testadmin

passwd: testpass


The first half of each project page has a pre-formatted "banner" table
which needs to be populated and edited using a form. This part is
processed by wikiforms which generates the Projects.* as a part of its


The lower part of the form is, as you have suggested, another wiki page
(in the Projecttext group) "included" in the GroupFooter. All of the
This is where the problem starts because the search results include
Projecttext.* pages rather than Projects.* pages.


For example, see http://hip.eharch.com/?n=Projects/00009. 


With Fox, what I would like to attempt is either of the following

*         Option 1: There is only one page. The data within the banner
table is comprised of PTVs, generated and editable with fox forms. Lower
part of the form is the actual wiki text, editable by the regular wiki
edit form.

*         Option 2: The actual page is the lower half... with the
form-based data included in the GroupHeader. This would have some of the
same problems as the current setup but at least most of the text will
belong to the page itself. 


Let me know what you think.


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