[pmwiki-users] Fox Forum problems

Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Wed Jan 9 14:14:27 CST 2008


Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 6:52:49 PM, Sameer Kumar wrote:


> Fatal error: Cannot redeclare guibuttonsmarkup() (previously declared

> C:\web\wiki\cookbook\fox\guibuttons.php:129) in

> C:\web\wiki\cookbook\guibuttons.php on line 153


> I suppose this is happening because I had the guibuttons recipe

> functions before installing Fox. What is the best way to deal with

> Should I disable this reference in Fox?


yes, just remove or comment it in foxforum.php


The include_once does not apply here because guibuttons.php is

installed from different folders.




I have noticed that {=$FullName}, {=$FoxPostCount}, {=$LastModified} and
{=$LastModifiedBy} are not being processed on the Forum.Forum page.

They show up as-is at the bottom of the page. Any idea what may be


Also, my wiki is only accessible to a small group of trusted editors.
The Captcha included in the forum is therefore an overkill. Is there
some way to disable it?




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