[pmwiki-users] PTVReplace not redirecting as expected

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun Jan 6 00:37:33 CST 2008

I've found PTVReplace to be very handy. But how do I control  
redirection when using it?

For some reason PTVReplace always redirects me to the target page  
without my requesting it.

According to the cookbook, the default is no redirection. FYI: my  
local configuration file makes no mention of $PTVRedirect.  I've tried  
putting "$PTVRedirect = 0;" in the config file but no change in  
results. I've also tried putting "redir=0" in several directives in  
the form page, but still no change in results.

Specifically, on Main.PageWithVariable I have:

Variable1: Old value

On Main.PageWithForm I have:

(:input form name=form1:)(:input hidden action ptvreplace:)
**Variable1:** (:input text name=Variable1 size=25:)
(:input submit post Change:)

Ideally, I would like redirection, but to a *different* page, since  
PageWithVariable is completely locked by password.

1) How do I suppress redirection?

2) Since PTVReplace doesn't allow specifying the page to redirect to,  
is there a way to detect that the Change button has been pressed, so I  
can at least use a conditional to change which sections on  
PageWithForm are visible? (For example, to show "Click here to  

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