[pmwiki-users] Spammed by Notifylist

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 10:56:56 CST 2008

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 10:40 AM, wiki question
<wiki_questions at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Do to a hardware issue we move out wiki -- in it entirety to a new server.
> the notify function now sends out blocks (5 or 6)  of the same email every
> 10 -15 minutes.
> even though squelch it set to daily.
> Has anybody else ran into this?
> notify=coe at myemail.com Group=DAHB squelch=86400

I'm trying to recall what corrected this when it happened to me.   I
think it might have been permissions on the wiki.d directory?  Make
sure wiki.d and cache folders have permissions 777.

(I don't understand anything about this, so please reply to the group).

Hoping that helped,


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