[pmwiki-users] Omitting the 'Main/HomePage' in html title tag ...

imoc blog.oc at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 05:27:52 CST 2008

Thanks Hans for your rapid solutions here:


I'll take one to use. Meanwhile I got a (maybe not so) strange idea
that I put some code inside <title> tags like:

$WikiTitle | <!--wiki:{$Group}.HtmlTitle {$SiteGroup}.HtmlTitle-->

Where in {$SiteGroup}.HtmlTitle (= Site.HtmlTitle) I put it as empty,
So in site home only $WikiTitle would appear.

Then I put '{$Group}/{$Title}' in {$Group}.HtmlTitle, so in other page
the three level titles would all be shown. only a little pity that 
there shows '<p>Group/PageTitle</p>' and I don't know how to get rid 
of the <p> and </p>. :(

Sorry for my delayed thank, I've just come back from my parents' old home 
town where we were celebrating traditional Chinese new year. So here is
my greeting - wish you a happy Chinese new year.


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