[pmwiki-users] user authentication without password verification

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Wed Feb 6 12:48:25 CST 2008

I it possible to require a user look up via LDAP and not require a password, when editing a page?
  We would like to automatically set the author of a page to the author's employee nbr. I have ldap authentication up and running but I cannot use it because we are unable to enable SSL We are using virtual hosting and it doesn't allow SSL. ( I do not want to submit plain text passwords over the network.)
  I would like for users to "login" when they edit and only verify that they are submitting a valid emp nbr. I have the author field setup to be mandatory but many just put random characters in the author field.
  I do realize that If I use this approach that one could put in any valid emp # -- but it will still help with the vast majority of edits if we wish to contact the author.

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