[pmwiki-users] Protecting part of a page

jggouvea at globo.com jggouvea at globo.com
Fri Feb 1 20:26:58 CST 2008

Em Friday 01 February 2008 02:15:32 Chris Cox escreveu:
> Steven Benmosh wrote:
> > I have an interesting wish - I would like to protect parts of a page,
> > while allowing users to edit the rest of the page. Is that possible?

I would use PageHeader for that. If your page is, say, a Guestbook, you can 
create a Guestbook/ group and put your protected content in a page called 

This markup, in your local customizations, will include whater pages called 
GroupHeader and GroupFooter page:

$GroupHeaderFmt = '(:include {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader:)(:nl:)' . 

$GroupFooterFmt = '(:nl:)---------(:include {$SiteGroup}.SiteFooter:)' . 

I use this recipe in my site.

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