[pmwiki-users] apostrophes getting doubled, backslashes stripped

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Sat Dec 20 14:28:10 CST 2008

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>> Hm, good thinking.  http://www.psduua.org/?action=phpinfo shows that the  
>> local value for magic_quotes_sybase is off, but the master value is on.  
>> Could that cause a problem?  
> Yes.  PmWiki tries to use "ini_set()" to disable magic_quotes_sybase
> at the beginning of the script (which is why your local value is off), 
> but apparently this occurs too late to help any data that has already 
> been converted when PHP is started.
> So, I'd try to track down why it's turn on in the master value in the
> first place, and see if it can be disabled there.  You might need to
> get your hosting provider's help to do that.

Thank you for your help, Pm!  I tried copying the php.ini file that was 
in the document root into the folder where pmwiki resides, and what do 
you know, all is well now!  It's hard to believe I spent a whole day on 

For the record, the host in question is AN Hosting 
(http://anhosting.com).  I have two accounts with them, and the PHP 
configuration is dramatically different from one server to the other.  I 
moved to them because they promise their servers are optimized for 
Drupal, but in practice I've found it's hit or miss... their techs do 
not seem to know much about the configuration needs of Drupal or PmWiki 
or any PHP app, and they are liable to change the server configuration 
without notice (for example, turning on register_globals when it was 
previously off), so you have to defend yourself against configuration 
changes with your own php.ini files.  Lesson learned.  And passed along.

Ben Stallings
Interdependent Web

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